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Kim at Maya Cafe

small brand,

BIG heart.

hello, i am kimberley jane tocknell, a down to earth farm girl, the youngest of 3 girls, an aunt to two beautiful nephews, Aiden + Oliver, and a sassy niece, Quinn Harper. I have passion for all things design, sports and the ocean. 

I have a love for colour, type, crafting and designing with a clear purpose: to take people on a simple, uncomplicated visual journey.


I love my family. I am an aunty to 2 beautiful nephews - Aiden + Oliver - and a niece (also my God Daughter) - Quinn Harper

Quinn Harper


Working as a one-man show can get lonely, so being part of a social hockey team not only beats the loneliness but it's ALOT of fun.

Kim and Cam


The best thing about living in Durban? The early morning promenade walks with a Daily Dose coffee in hand. Name a better way to start your day?


Crusaders Hockey Team

Basically the second member of my team, and I'm not talking about the wine ;) Cam is my idea man, my honest critique, and my emotional support. 


kind WORDS.

starting out my photography career was very scary as I wasn't certain if I was doing the right thing, that is until I saw the branding that kim had created for me and everything fell into place. I absolutely fell inlove with what she had done with my business, and it fired up my creative sparks all over again. you inspire my creative side and I cant wait to see the many other businesses you will inspire in the future. 



MORE than a logo.
let's tell YOUR brand story,

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